This website serves as an archive for the ‘Stokes Croft Herbarium’ exhibition which was curated by Tim Floyd and took place at the Emporium, Bristol in April 2009. The show combined plant specimens with works of art that draw their influence from the plant kingdom.

Living and preserved plants were displayed alongside sculpture, installation, two dimensional pieces and images drawn directly onto the venues walls. The exhibition also featured information about local community allotments and gardening projects and a small 'library' of books to browse through.

Events organised as part of the exhibition included an urban wild food walk around the Stokes Croft area, foraged food preparation and a screening of Bill Mollison's 'Global Gardener' Permaculture documentaries.
Urban Wild Food walk

(Photo: A decrepit Dandelion growing next to a Hillgrove Street kerbstone.)

On Saturday 18th April Mr. B. Green led an urban 'wild food walk' around Stokes Croft pointing out edible and medicinal plants. A handful of us plodded around Hillgrove street, Jamaica Street, Dove Street South and finnished up in King Square. Lots of species with edible potential were spotted. Whether you'd ever want to eat anything growing in these locations is a different matter.

The following snaps show some of the edible/medicinal wild plants we found and links to their 'Plants for a Future Database' entries:

Ivy-leaved Toadflax. Cymbalaria muralis

Sow thistle. Sonchus oleraceus

Shepherd's Purse. Capsella bursa-pastoris

Plantain. Plantago major

Stinging Nettle. Urtica dioica

Cleavers. Galium aparine
and Dandelion. Taraxacum officinale

Hairy Bittercress. Cardamine hirsuta

and Crow Garlic. Allium vineale

Black Medick. Medicago lupulina

This next set of photos show some of the edible municipal planting we saw on our walk.

Mahonia. Mahonia pinnata

Dog Rose. Rosa canina

Purple Plum. Prunus nigra

Common Lime. Tilia x europaea

Many thanks to Mr. Green for this entertaining and informative walk.

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