This website serves as an archive for the ‘Stokes Croft Herbarium’ exhibition which was curated by Tim Floyd and took place at the Emporium, Bristol in April 2009. The show combined plant specimens with works of art that draw their influence from the plant kingdom.

Living and preserved plants were displayed alongside sculpture, installation, two dimensional pieces and images drawn directly onto the venues walls. The exhibition also featured information about local community allotments and gardening projects and a small 'library' of books to browse through.

Events organised as part of the exhibition included an urban wild food walk around the Stokes Croft area, foraged food preparation and a screening of Bill Mollison's 'Global Gardener' Permaculture documentaries.
What's on/when?

Exhibition opening times:

11am-6pm daily from 11th-18th April.

Events and so on:
(All events are free and will take place in or start from the Emporium)

Tues 7th April: Live illustration. -11am til 3pm

A few days before the show opens Andy Council and Tim Floyd will be doodling/painting directly onto one of the Emporium's inside walls. The door will be open and inquisitive types are welcome to wander in and watch the images taking shape.

(Good) Friday 10th April: Opening night -7pm-9pm

There'll be home-made nettle beer, a box or two of plonk and a bit of music at the exhibition's preview.

(Easter) Sunday 12th April: Screening of the Global Gardener documentaries. 7pm-9pm

Four half-hour films presented by Bill Mollison that show how wastelands in various bioregions have been resurected and turned into productive food forests using permaculture principles.

Mon 13th/Tues 14th/Weds 15th/Thurs 16th April: Foraged food preparation. -1pm-2pm

Evie Wonder will be using common wild plants and a wood burning 'rocket stove' to prepare snacks and herbal brews for visitors to munch/sup on.
With Dandelions on Monday,
Stinging Nettles Tuesday,
Wild Cress Wednesday,
and Cleavers Thursday.

Saturday 18th April: Urban wild walk. -4pm-5.30pm

Mr B. Green will lead a circular walk around Stokes Croft pointing out edible, medicinal and useful plants along the way.

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